Web designers have to be in tune with search engine optimization during every segment of their website designs. The problem is that most of the major search engines keep their SEO requirements a well-guarded secret. Eventually, much of what the algorithms are comprised of can be figured out but by that time, extensive changes are made and the whole guessing game begins all over again.

Microsoft decided to be more transparent when it comes to the Bing algorithms and have made this publicly known. Although they haven’t divulged all of its secrets, there is enough known now to help website designers when compiling their content to help get it better ranked on the search engine.

Most of the search engines have a lot in common, but according to Microsoft, there are some steps that are not so well known that can be taken to help with ranking in Bing.

Bing tends to put a great deal of emphasis on the author of the content that it is ranking. They scrutinise the authorship to determine how authoritative it is. What this means for web designers is to avoid the admin classification for the author.

This search engine also focuses on original content and shies away from top indexing of rehashed content. Bing likes to see various forms of media such as instructions along with images and charts. These are things that need to be pointed out to the client for whom the website is being designed.

While some may not feel that Bing is as popular as Google, it is still wise to make note of Bing’s requirements because of the general requirements being very similar to all the search engines. Although it is very difficult to be 100% sure as to what each of them is setting as their top priorities, staying focused on the general issues helps.