Mac users are not at a loss when they want to have equal opportunities for web browsing thanks to the robust software development of Apple Safari. While there are lots of extensions that can prove to be valuable, there are some that are considered to be “must haves”. Extensions allow for access to those third parties that Safari believes has something beneficial to offer.


Mostly everyone is well aware of what Pinterest is and many web users visit this site on a regular basis. It is much easier to do so with the add-on that Apple Safari has added to their collections. Mac users also have the option to set the settings to what suits them the best.


Bookmarketing tools are a valuable resource for users but they are often neglected. Pocket is the one that comes default with using Apple Safari. Data saved in Pocket can be accessed without even using the internet.


For those who have a need to check their writing for errors and proper grammar, having a great software to do this with is a real bonus. One of the most popular programs to do this with is Grammarly. They offer extensive paid versions but there is also a simple but adequate free version available through Apple Safari via the add-on extension.


Being able to automatically log into various sites that require a password can be a boon. LastPass is a very secure program that will generate complex passwords and then save them in a vault. When you visit a site that has been saved in LastPass, you can login automatically.

AdBlock Plus

If you are one of the many computer users who gets frustrated with browser ads then you can now take control of them on your Mac through the Apple Safari addon. Just activate the AdBlock Plus extension.