Artificial Intelligence is all the rage right now and as brilliant as it may be, it still hasn’t reached the level of perfection, but as some might say it’s not far off. While Apple was ingenious in the development of Siri, they were still faced with a big challenge of how to make it really sound like a real person. What many are not aware of is that just this component alone regarding Siri took two years to reach the level of success it has today.

So, one may figure that after all of this leaving well enough alone would be the way to go, but not according to Apple who is indicating that the many iPhones and iPads are privy to the new iOS11 software that Siri is going to have a new voice. She will have more of an octave range to her voice, know when to pause during sentences and perfect the use of syllables. Something else that Siri has learned to do is speak more languages.

The whole process with Siri was taking it from being what was known as a virtual assistant to artificial intelligence. Siri became a common name among many device users as a virtual assistant but it didn’t take long before it fell out of the limelight thanks to its competitors like Alexa from Amazon and Google Assistant from Google.

What has been agreed upon in Apple is that Siri needs more developer support. They have now taken over managing and controlling Siri’s backend and this is not in the hands of a third party. Siri performs a dual function which is speech-to-text after it figures out what was said, then the opposite of speech to text which is its response. What really surprises many is Siri’s ability to identify who is speaking. All in all, it’s pretty amazing stuff.