The only true test of any software testing is the gathering of feedback from its users. Smarbear Software providers are well aware of this and use this as a resource to maximize its success in the software development world.

They recently ran a survey comprised of a series of questions to be answered by 5,219 development and QA professionals. These experts were located in various parts of the world, held various positions, and were from a collection of different companies. Many from within this test group had the job of testing both back end and front end applications. They were divided into groups of three to five.

Great care was taken when compiling the testing group to ensure all levels of expertise were utilised. It was noted that some areas of expertise are related to the testing of API. The developers, project managers, and consultants fall into this realm. Manual testers and QA pros focus on the UI applications. There were some in the group that carried out both the duties.

Smartbear surveying helps to take the level of software testing to new levels. There are many components that need to be tested extensively if the finished software program is going to meet the goals set for it. This includes:

  • Hybrid
  • Packaged Apps
  • Mobile Native
  • Mobile Web
  • Desktop
  • APIs
  • Web
  • Other

The survey questions produced the type of answers that Smartbear could use to track software testing functionality and methodology. It allows for strengths and weaknesses to be identified which can then be passed onto developers so they can learn from this.

One example of the type of questions in the survey was to determine the agility of the testing programs used by the various developers based on what methods they were incorporating. The results from the answers indicated that there was not as much agility as what may have been assumed.