Software developers play a major role in the digital business market which encompasses their infrastructure and operations.

There are trends that affect I&O and these must be considered to achieve the level of success that is expected. There are some technology trends that the industry must be aware of that fall into three major categories:


Computer power is going to overpower the mainstream data centres that have been part of the infrastructure. Computer is leaning towards LaaS which is becoming the preferred service and for platform, the trend is leaning towards PaaS. That doesn’t mean that data centres will become obsolete as most enterprises will still continue to have one on its premises.


Business units will become the main supporter of IT. This is because mainstream IT has a slow pace for its processes. The business community is reliant on software development that can provide them with tools to develop new ideas and the opportunity to enter into new markets with ease.

The Internet of things (IoT)

There is a growing need for businesses to be able to function in full compacity remotely. There are many companies that have several locations or satellite offices. The new trend that seems to be meeting this need is connected sensors.

These are just a few of many trends that the software development industry has to be aware of so they can understand what their roles will be in the future. These trends are creating new positions within the internet technology realm. They will also open positions for IT cloud brokers. Then there will be those who will need to specialise in IoT so they will be proficient in understanding the IoT trends and how they will work with the data centres. Finally, there will be a need for new professionals who understand all the trends and can assist with the process of transitioning into them.