Most industries have certain tools that they depend on, but one who relies heavily on these resources are the web designers. This is such a competitive industry that having the right tools and knowing how to use them can differentiate success from failure. The following tools are really newsworthy because of the impact they have on a designer’s work.


Creating designs is a big task for the web designer and many rely on a whole collection of tools to be able to do this. Sketch is an easy to use application that allows designers to create the graphics they need for their web design.

The Grid

Web designers don’t just have the task of creating amazing graphics, there are a lot of other responsibilities that they have to deal with. The Grid is able to take a collection of videos and images as well as text among other things and compile this into a unique customised website.


This is another program that has hit the headlines for being a valuable resource for web designers. It helps back end designers work with the front end designers. It is a great tool for bringing forth Photoshop or Sketch content with no risk to the layering.

Browser Calories

Something every web designer must keep in mind is how fast the site they are creating will load. Browser Calories takes the guesswork out of this. It is a comparison tool to measure how the site reacts on an internet browser. Using the specs that it provides allows the designer to know if they can continue with the page build or whether they have to scale back.

Affinity Photo

There is no argument that Photoshop is a critically important tool for the designer but Affinity Photo is outshining Photoshop in many ways. Just one example would be its powerful magnification features.