For those who do not have a good understanding of web development and web application development, they assume that they are one and the same. This is not the case and there are notable differences.

In web programming, HTML is used for transfer of data. When PHP is used or is used, it means the end user will utilise their browsers to access the program.

Web application revolves around the creation of a windows or Linux service. This may be for a database that has an engine developed for the web with the use of C++ or

Some companies like Idera are playing it smart and combining the expertise of both web development and web application development into their business roster.

Idera is a company that specialises in providing tools for databases and development along with tools for testing. In order to increase their developer tool arsenal, they have acquired Sencha. This is a company that focuses on web application development. Now Idera is able to transition this company into their developer tools department.

Sencha has the ability to provide clients with the power to design and develop web applications via cross platforms that are applicable for use with desktops, tablets, and smartphones. They also provide testing of applications.

Indera recognises the importance of what these services have to offer and the decision to incorporate Sencha into Indera was a well thought out business decision with the expectations that Indera will be able to broaden their client base and expand their offerings. This sets a great example of two companies being merged so that similar client needs which are still distinct in many ways can aptly be met by one company. All too often, companies whose main focus is segmentation of web development or application is very restrictive by nature.